Mike Jerowsky

| PhD Candidate, UBC Geography |

How effective are virtual and augmented reality when providing environmental education to children with different levels of access to green space?

What is the Geography of Education?

The geography of education is a sub-discipline within human geography and considers how educational opportunities, processes, and outcomes vary spatially. It is interdisciplinary drawing from fields like sociology, psychology…

VR and AR for Environmental Education

What are virtual and augmented reality? Why are educators turning to these technologies for environmental education? I discuss these questions and where I think we’re headed with these new media.

Camosun Bog 360 Field Trip

The Camosun Bog 360 Field Trip can be accessed using a virtual reality headset, desktop, or mobile device. It is an immersive learning experience that explores the environmental and cultural significance of Camosun Bog.

Teaching Resources: Camosun Bog

Education resources were produced in partnership with the Camosun Bog Restoration Group and Pacific Spirit Park Society for use by teachers and students wanting to learn about Camosun Bog.