Camosun Bog 360

Welcome to the Camosun Bog 360o Field Trip. This educational resource is a self-directed tour of Camosun Bog, which rests on the unceded, ancestral territory of the Musqueam people in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Vancouver, Canada. The once large Camosun Bog was and is a source of stories, food, medicines, raw materials and trade commodities for the Musqueam people. It is also home to many plants and animals that have adapted to its wet, low-nutrient, and acidic environment.

However, local housing developments and climate change have threatened the health of Camosun Bog and today it is at risk of disappearing. Dedicated community members, knowledge keepers, and scientists from the Camosun Bog Restoration Group, Pacific Spirit Park Society, Musqueam First Nation and Metro Vancouver Regional Parks have been working to protect and restore this special place.

Learning materials for the Camosun Bog 360 Field trip were co-created with the Camosun Bog Restoration Group and Pacific Spirit Park Society. Community content also features links to publicly available media and learning materials developed by the Musqueam First Nation and UBC Museum of Anthropology, Metro Vancouver, the David Suzuki Foundation, and SAKIArt.

How to Use Camosun Bog 360

Camosun Bog 360 can be accessed using a virtual reality headset, desktop, or mobile device. To activate virtual reality when using a device like Google Cardboard or Oculus Quest, press the VR button to launch your virtual experience. Field trip experiences will vary based on your device and the speed of your internet connection.

As you explore the field trip, you will see hot spots. Click on these to read signs, or launch videos, audio, and other learning materials. When you are done with your field trip, close the web browser to exit.